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Create, manage and e-sign insurance broker proposals with ease

Join more than 5,000 insurance brokers who use Insly to create proposals, application forms and risk surveys.



Here’s how our insurance broker proposal software helps to achieve superior results and create efficiencies in your sales process.

Send impressive proposals to your customers

Send your customer's insurance proposals via an automatically generated PDF and a link to an online acceptance form - this small but powerful feature will put a smile on your customer's face and make a broker's life really easy. 


Streamline your customer workflow

Are you still assessing risks by sending excel or word files back and forth with your customers? Replace that process with an online application form that either you or the end customer can submit their risk details. 

We can also connect the application form with third-party data sources to make filling in the form easier for both the customer and the insurance broker. For example, extracting company data from an official company register. 

No double entry of data and a superior experience for the customer and the broker. 

Automated renewal process

Automated renewal management generates a renewal application form based on data from the previous year and sends a link for customers to review and edit it. 

Policy renewals will be very smooth and you have total control and transparency of the renewal process. 


Streamline the workflow with insurers

After you and the customer have confirmed the application form (request for quote), you can generate a broker risk survey or product application form in one click, on the template of all insurers you want to get proposals from. 

When insurers send you proposals, insert the prices into the form and mark the broker recommendation. You also have the possibility to add a built-in online calculator if the insurer has given you the price calculation formula in excel. 

Insurers will love the process and the quality of your risk surveys.

Generate leads from your website

Increase your revenue by adding a lead generation form to your website where you can collect information on customers who submit their insurance-related interest in a short application form. After you've qualified your customer's interest, turn this form into a detailed application form and start the insurance brokerage process. 


Build no-code products yourself and integrate into existing software

Automated workflows

Send applications, proposals and any proposal-related documents for your customers or insurers automatically.

Configure documents and emails

Build and edit your documents and email templates with a similar editing experience to Microsoft Word.

Create application forms

Use our library of product application forms or build your own with our no-code form builder. Build an online calculator into the form if required.

Integration via APIs

We use APIs to sync to your policy administration software, CRM and accounting software.

Why Use Insly's Insurance Proposal Software?